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What is the ONE thing we all have in common? And by “we” I am referring to each and every individual on the planet regardless of age, status, ethnicity and background. We all have RELATIONSHIPS in common - whether it is the relationship we have with our parents, the relationship we have with ourselves, or the ones that we develop with others both personally and professionally.  Relationships are both consistent and inconsistent which means that although they are here forever - they are always undergoing some type of transformation.

My Relationship Movement was developed to help enlighten, empower and equip men and women from their early 20’s well into late adulthood by helping to create, foster and sustain healthy relationships. Lawrence, the Enlightenment Specialist, offers his invaluable wisdom not only from his own personal relationship experiences, but as his many years as both a pastor and spiritual counselor. Elisa LaShell, the Empowerment Specialist, brings her relevant insights from her past and present marriage, experiences as a single mother, and her profession as a communications and marketing consultant. Tracy or “Dr. T” is the Equipment Specialist who integrates her real-life profession as a licensed therapist and professional counselor and offers practical solutions for fostering and maintaining healthy relationships.

REAL TALK for Relationships
An open forum for real, raw, relevant conversations about the issues plaguing our relationships with ourselves and those around us. Featuring Lawrence Knighton who will shed light on the real truths about ourselves through the recognition of how we allow others to treat us, as well as how we treat ourselves and help us to see our true worth in relationships. Elisa LaShell will empower us mentally and emotionally through her unique perspectives, candid dialogue and words of affirmation. Dr. T. will dig beneath the layers of hurt, rejection, contempt and denial to provide the tools we need to see where we truly are and where we really want to be.

Our Aim for the Airwaves
Through the platforms of radio, television and social media we desire to impact rather than impress. It is our aim to follow a very strategic form of communication with potential listeners and viewers. First, we have identified prospective followers through creating awareness and instigating interest of our movement by positioning it as both a brand and a relationship resource. We continue to do this through public appearances, visual marketing and social media interaction.


What is REAL TALK for Relationships?

What is Real Talk
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